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¿What we do?

In the recent decades, an international awareness, towards the necessity of promoting quality television for children that respects their interests and rights, has been enhanced and demonstrated. Childhood is now one of the major problems: dealing with children and youth is also dealing with adults.

FIABThe European Observatory on Children's Television, OETI, an organistaion created in 1997 with the support of the European Commissioner, Mr. Marcelino Oreja, operates under the premise that television content should be formative, educational and entertaining.

We have seen the creation of the Observatory as a unifying element of individual efforts and as a medium to strengthen the work of WFCT (World Forum on Children's Television) and FIAB (International Audiovisual Festival of Barcelona), events iniciated in Barcelona in 1997.

Since then, the Observatory promotes the annual organization of the FIAB, the WFCT and the Observatory Sessions in November together with other unique activities.

The Observatory aims to be an authentic point of observation, information, education and advice on children's television and communication media in general.

FMTIOETI wishes to be a tool for children, parents, educators, policy makers, producers, directors-realizers, responsible for programming and, in general, for all those involved in the wonderful and complex world of children's television.

It's about creating a forum for discussion and interdisciplinary study of the criticism over children's programs and its contents from an ethical point of view and within this interdisciplinary there are many contributions: pedagogical, psychological, philosophical, etc.

We want to consolidate a discussion forum, where both the existing and non existing realities in the field of children's television all over the world, can be understood, and address issues that range from ethics to creativity.

There are many sensitivities in the world that require or rather demand a change of direction towards this land of ethical contents, that OETI is open to any type of contribution that perceives in the near future the possibility of a big change.

JOBA change that concerns us all and that motivates our efforts: the adequacy of the imaginary world of the millions of children in this land of ethical contents.

This effort of research and approach should help the community, both nationally and internationally and society in general, to open its eyes to an obvious need, but too forgotten ... the struggle for the ethical contents, "education, training and leisure", to acquire the leading role they have and that is applicable in the communication audiovisual media in a democratic, pluralistic and free society.

The aforementioned identification of the real state of the matter: childhood and youth / communication media will allow us to suggest, with the help of all those working in the subject, lines of work that can help in order the contents of television programs to be increasingly training, educational and at the same time, entertaining.


  • Being established as a centre of observation and monitoring of various activities related to children's television: laws, production, consumption, etc.
  • Study and analyze the evolution of the contents of children's television programs and multimedia derivatives, proposing models of analysis and conducting research on their development over time and compare between different countries and televisions.
  • Promote a network of stable cooperation (CERs), consultancy firms, etc.. between the various groups from universities, research centers and TV that are occupied in the study of children's television.
  • Create and develop appropriate topics for continuing education on children's television and multimedia. For this purpose the OETI cooperates with universities, schools and, in general, with entities linked to the world of training.
  • And periodically publish reports analyzing various aspects of children's television and propose actions and solutions for the future: The Work of the Naos.
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