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13th Observatory Sessions

15 th November 2013

Aula Europa, european institutions in Barcelona (Passeig de Gràcia, 90. Barcelona) 

¡Las pantallas, la educación y la escuela son el tandem perfecto! Descubre todo lo que se puede hacer con las nuevas tecnologías en el aula y por qué es importante que nuestros hijos tengan criterio audiovisual.

Right from the start in 1997 the European Observatory for Children's Television (OETI) has been trying to direct the contents of all mass media: radio, press, television, internet and new technology towards the youth and children of the world, in order for mass media to be formative, educational and entertaining.

To this end the OETI annually promotes the Observatory Sessions, where pedagogues, communicators, sociologists, and linguistic journalists, semiologists, corporal expression educators and students participate. This space for development makes the exchange of world experiences in education and communication possible, and reflection is necessary in the two fields, not only amongst the speakers, but also the participants. All those who have some kind of relationship with, and and vision of, the importance of the education-communication dynamic, who question the enigma of transmitting this, have a space in which to think with the sessions, to practice the act of reflecting.

These sessions coincide with the World Forum on Children's Television and the Barcelona International Audiovisual Festival, activities that are also organized by the OETI.
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