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World Forum on Children's TV

Un espacio para reflexionar, opinar y descubrir audiovisuales para niñ@s y jóvenes basados en valores socialmente positivos.

The World Forum on Children's TV is a place for debates fostering ethical contents of the television productions aimed at young viewers. It is open for observation, information, education and search for consensus in issues concerning children's television.

The Forum is interesting because there are many markets, many sector initiatives, but there is no space for Platonic debate, in the sense of a space where all who, in some aspect, work towards the possibility of television for children.

The Forum becomes a pretext for the discussion, analysis and reflection on television content; an instrument for those who make television, and a meeting point for those involved in the issue.

A moment for reflection on concern and motivation; a "children's" space as a space for working together within the activities of the OETI.
With these two major syntagmas, television and childhood, many things can be done, but with the necessary guarantee of a place of debate and a place that seeks to eventually be a referent.

For this reason, the Forum aims to be multidisciplinary: it aims to project existing or possible facts, concerns and solutions to find solutions to the issue at hand.

The Forum thus seeks to promote ethical content in television productions addressed to boys, girls and young people in general.


OBJECTIVES: Consolidate a space for multidisciplinary debate, a modern agora with thought and dialogue on the various realities of children's television and promote values related to human rights, democracy and the rights of boys and girls.

Promote analysis, study and reflection on the content of children's television.
Encourage, suggest and promote the production of quality programmes for children, co-operating, at various levels, on the study, design and conception of new productions. .

Consolidate the OETI as a stable space for the training, education and dissemination of the ingredients that constitute television for children and young people.

The WFCT, with the aim of promoting co-operation and innovation in matters of children's television , will undertake to:
Create working groups and teams from among the various agents of children's television: creators, producers, distributors, programmers, psychologists, educators etc.

Organise workshops and seminars for debate, reflection and the dissemination of children's television to be reflected through the annual publication of the book of the Forum.

Promote liaison with authorities, institutions and European and world-wide social citizen's entities with the aim of promoting quality children's television.
Carry out social campaigns, actions and advertising with the aim of raising social awareness of the need for encouraging quality children's television.
Establish a validation system for the quality of children's programmes with the aim of fostering a standard of production in agreement with the values that inspired the constitution of the WFCT.

The objective is that, within this Forum, those responsible for television and those responsible for childhood, including children, may design instruments of discussion and construct strategic instruments for later use in tactical applications.
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