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Are you a school? Send us audiovisuals that your students have made. If selected, they will be screened at the FIAB and you can explain your experience to other schools.


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The Barcelona International Audiovisual Festival (before Barcelona International Television Festival) was created in 1997 and one of it’s main aims, is the fight for ethical content in audiovisual communication media in children and youth targeted television. Over the years, the event has become a framework for reflection and promotion of childhood, taking in account the strong influence television currently exercises. This concern, along with the task of empowering the quality of television aimed at children and youth, has emerged through the European Observatory of Children’s Television, promoter of the Festival since 1998.

We believe that children's programmes should not only entertain but also ideally, help to form and educate in some way. These three elements, although basic for healthy human development, often appear insignificant in productions addressing the child audience. Formative work is of vital importance and should be considered even more so in children’s areas as it’s influence takes on life-long importance. Therefore, we propose there should be a space for our boys and girls where educational, formative and recreational elements form part of children's television programmes. It is therefore vitally important to incorporate this trio of:

FORM while encouraging concepts such as solidarity, respect, diversity, the family, friendship etc.

EDUCATE while containing elements proposed by educators, teachers, psychologists and communicators. Introducing media literacy to schools and encouraging children to become interested and involved in the film-making process.

ENTERTAIN while encouraging fantasy, imagination and creativity, although not allowing the recreational element to become the only element when making children’s programmes.

For this reason we include active participation from children, our leading characters, through the Children's Slot section which is organised by the SMAV (Audiovisual Media Department of Education Council of the Autonomous Government of Catalonia) and includes groups of school children in the viewings.

Each year new doors open revealing new experiences and an awareness of other audiovisual approaches in children's productions. Each new meeting includes greater overseas participation from all over the five continents. We welcome you to this "land of ethical content" and invite you to promote this trio of educate, form and entertain in future children's productions so that our children may continue enjoying themselves, dreaming and imagining worlds that foster values.
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