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FIAB is an audiovisual festival, considering audiovisuals as a discourse constructed from images and sounds in any type of support, regardless of genre, either photochemical or electronic (2K, 4K, HD, SD etc.), linear or interactive (videogame) containing certain humanitarian values that promote democratic coexistence and growth as social persons, especially if they are aimed at children or deal with children.

1. Audiovisual material presented will be submitted for pre-selection and may be included in any one of the Festival categories, according to the criteria of the committee.

2. We accept short films from 30 seconds to a maximum length of 100 minutes. If a series is being sent, this length of time applies per chapter.

3. In order for a production to be accepted for the screenings we need to receive the following items within the specified deadlines:

-A completed entry form filled out on our website or by email, with all credit titles complete, plus signature and date declaring acceptation of rules sent on or before May 31, 2013.
-A film still is essential for the catalogue. A copy can be sent using: 1) A high quality photo, 2) through Internet in JPG format to 3) on a CD Rom or 4) attached to the inscription form. Films sent without including this image cannot enter into the selection process.
-A copy of the production in DVD, and if possible Blue Ray or 35 mm, or email a link to a cloud, any digital system.

PRODUCTIONS IN LANGUAGES OTHER THAN SPANISH OR CATALAN MUST BE SUBTITLED INTO SPANISH, CATALAN OR ENGLISH. It is recommended that productions in Catalán also have subtitles for their international screening. All material sent by post should have the date printed before June 30, 2013 to justify any late entries.
-If the copy submitted is in any language other than Spanish, please also forward the script in either Spanish or English. This can be submitted on a diskette in "word" or "txt", or sent by e-mail to:
-Press material(optional)

4. Any work admitted into competition that is property of a sponsor, written authorization of the sponsorship for the film/video to compete must be sent.

5. The information provided in the Entry Form will be considered as a valid reference for the Catalogue and Festival's publications.

6. All formats and genres will be considered, (fiction, documentary, docudrama, animation, videogames etc.) addressing both children and adults, which highlight or project humanitarian values such as solidarity, respect, tolerance, diversity etc. in relation to childhood, in accordance with the International Convention on the Rights of Children.

7. Works must have been produced after the 31st of December, 2009 for HUMANITARIAN PRIZE and no limit for other sections.

8. The CREATIVE PRIZE is for works made by students in audiovisual schools who are selected by the selection committee. Participants for this section need to send a copy of the certificate (college, university, institute etc.) that endorses the production and student quality of the participant.

9. The Festival reserves the right to use selected films and screen them on television partially for promotional purposes. Entrants will keep the copyrights of their films.

10. The festival will be able to use the award-winning and selected films partially or in entirety for educational purposes or the non-commercial promotion of FITB. Ref: Festival Backpack, TV OETI, Showcase and conferences. We always notify Producers as much as possible. 

11. The DVDs will remain in the OETI video library for consultation, educational and divulgence purposes, etc., but never for commercial gain.

12. Registration is free of charge and all successful entrants will receive a copy of the official festival catalogue after the event as proof of participation.

13. Entrants will meet the postage and packing expenses for forwarding their material to the festival.

14. The Festival does not accept responsibility for the safekeeping of productions submitted. It is therefore highly advisable not to send any original copies.

15. When shipping to Spain from abroad, film and video entries must be clearly marked: “DVD FOR CULTURAL PURPOSES: NO COMMERCIAL VALUE/MATERIAL PARA FINES CULTURALES SIN VALOR COMERCIAL” Please send your material to:

Calle Aragón 290 –292, 5B. Barcelona 08009 España.

16. There is no right of appeal against the verdict made by the Jury.

17. Productions shown on YouTube should not be sent to the festival.

18. Participating in this Festival entails the total acceptance of these rules.
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